Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder Policy (2024)

Disney Cruise Onboard Placeholder

Everyone loves a discount, but finding a discount on a Disney Cruise is nearly impossible. One great way of getting a discount on your next Disney Cruise is the Disney Cruise Line onboard Placeholder program. If you are going on a Disney Cruise in the future, or are currently aboard one of Disney’s ships, consider booking a placeholder reservation for a future sailing, it will guarantee you a discount on your next Disney Cruise.

What is a Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder?

A placeholder is an open-ended reservation with Disney Cruise Line that allows you to select a future sail date at a later time. Most people cruising know they want to go on another Disney Cruise, and want the discount, but may not know the date yet. The placeholder secures your discount on the future cruise, even though you do not have a specific date yet.

Even if you are not sure if you will want to go on another Disney Cruise, consider making a placeholder anyway. As you will see below, the deposit is fully refundable at any time.

Booking a future Disney cruise vs Onboard Placeholder

If you happen to know the actual cruise you want to sail on next, you can book that cruise onboard and receive the same discount as booking a placeholder, and possibly more. While onboard, look for a QR code titled “Disney cruise line onboard booking offer”. It may be on a flyer in your stateroom, by Guest Services or at the future cruise desk. Sometimes there isn’t a special deal, but often you will get a better deal booking a specific cruise rather than making a placeholder.

How do I book a Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder?

On each Disney Cruise ship, there will be a special Disney Cruise Line Future Cruise desk somewhere around the lobby. If you can’t find it, just ask a crew member or guest services. It is not open all hours, so make sure to check the schedule to find out when a cast member will be available. Try to stop by earlier in the cruise, the desk gets crowded toward the end of the cruise.

If you don’t need to talk to anyone and just want to make a placeholder, you can do that once onboard by using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. Just open the app after connecting to DCL-Guest Wi-Fi (there is no fee to use the Disney Wi-Fi with the Navigator app) and book your placeholder for a future Disney Cruise.

I think a visit to the future cruise desk is the best way to book your placeholder, since I like someone to walk me through the process and answer my questions, but the Navigator App will do just fine if you prefer that way.

When making your onboard booking, make sure to let Disney know you want your existing travel agent to help you with any future cruise. You can also let them know you would like Tiki Room Travel to handle your future cruise as well. Let us know you made an online booking that is linked to us to get a special onboard gift on your next cruise!

Once your placeholder is booked, you will receive an email communication from Disney. This confirmation email will include a reservation number as well as info about your $250 deposit. If you booked a future cruise and not a placeholder, the email will contain full details about your upcoming cruise.

What benefits do I get from making a Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder booking?

When you make a future cruise booking onboard, there are two main onboard offer benefits.

  • A 10% discount on your future cruise
  • Reduced deposit on 7-night and longer Disney Cruises

When booking your onboard only offer, you can select a future Disney Cruise at that time, and get 10% off of that particular cruise, or you can just book a placeholder. When you “activate” the placeholder and choose a cruise, you will receive 10% off that cruise at the time of booking.

Disney Cruise Family Pool and Funnel Vision

Is there a cost to book a Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder?

Yes, you will need to pay $250 placeholder deposit per stateroom with a credit card to book a placeholder. This money is fully refundable if you decide not to book. When you do book, it does go towards the cost of your future cruise once you choose the date. Once your sail date is chosen, standard cancelation fees apply to your $250 deposit and any other money paid.

What do I need to know about Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholders?

There are a few things to know about placeholders before you sail.

  • You can book up to 2 rooms per household onboard, regardless of the number of adults in the household. You can book a placeholder for someone who is not on the cruise, but the 2 rooms you book must sail on the same cruise, you cannot book 2 placeholders for 2 different cruises.
  • You will have 24 months to sail from the date of the placeholder booking. If you do not sail within 24 months, the placeholder will automatically cancel and the $250 will be refunded to the original form of payment.
  • The discount is available for categories 4 – 11 only. Concierge rooms and suites are not available.
  • The placeholder discount cannot be combined with Florida Resident Rates, U.S. Military Rates or with any other special offer or discount. Not valid on VGT, OGT, or IGT Categories with Restrictions or 2-night sailings. Basically, you will need to choose between your 10% discount or any other discount that is available for your cruise. Remember, your $250 is always refundable, so no pressure to stick with your placeholder.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot book a placeholder for your first cruise. You must be onboard a Disney Cruise in order to book a placeholder, it is the only way to get access to this special discount.

Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder Blackout Dates

Not all Disney Cruises are available to book with the placeholder discount. The current list of non-available cruises will be available when you book your placeholder, and when you choose your sailing date. For the most part, cruises around major holidays are not available (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter/Spring Break), but other than that, it is very likely your cruise will be available. Of course, you will not be able to book any of the inaugural cruises or the maiden voyage on the Disney Treasure or any future ships, as special cruises like that are always excluded.

Chip and Dale at Castaway Cay

I know which Disney Cruise I want, now what?

So, you booked your placeholder onboard your last Disney Cruise, now what? If you told Disney Cruise that you wanted to use a travel agency (let’s say Tiki Room Travel), you just contact your travel agent and let them know you are ready to book using your placeholder. If you booked your previous Disney Cruise with a travel agent, it will likely default to that same travel agency. If you didn’t indicate, you will need to contact Disney Cruise line directly, provide the reservation number, and they will help you book your future cruise.

Once you have selected your cruise, the $250 placeholder payment you made on your last cruise will go towards the deposit on the new cruise, but it is likely there will be an additional deposit amount due at the time of booking.

Haven’t been on a Disney Cruise Yet?

No problem, contact us here at Tiki Room Travel. We have been on all the ships (except the Treasure, of course), stayed in all the staterooms, been to all the ports, eaten at all the restaurants and know each of the ships backwards and forwards. We will make sure you get on the right cruise for your family, in the right stateroom and at the right price. We want your family to make magical memories, let Tiki Room Travel help you. And remember, once you get onboard, make that onboard placeholder for your next Disney Cruise and save some money.

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