Join Tiki Room Travel

Thank you for considering joining Tiki Room Travel. If you have come this far, it means that you have considered becoming a travel agent specializing in Disney Travel in the past. You love Disney and have helped others plan their Disney vacations. You may even be known as the Disney specialist to your family and friends. So, why not make a little money doing what you are doing now?

Tiki Room Travel is Hiring!

We are always hiring new agents. Want to know what we are looking for?

  • Tiki Room Travel agents must be outgoing and comfortable talking to anyone and everyone about Disney.
  • Tiki Room Travel agents must love Disney
  • Tiki Room Travel agents must have visited Disney at least three times in the last five years. The more different Disney destinations you have visited the better.
  • Tiki Room Travel agents must be committed to being available 24/7. While we expect you to sleep, you should be able to reply to your client within minutes of them contacting you at all hours during the day.
  • Tiki Room Travel agents must be comfortable with all forms of technology from computers to social media.
  • Tiki Room Travel agents must reside in the United States. We are not allowed to “hire” anyone that is not living in one of the 50 states.

Tiki Room Travel Agent Benefits

  • Led by 22+ year Travel Agency owner
  • Personalized training and continuing support
  • No minimum productivity requirements
  • Ability to have sick or vacation days covered by other Tiki Room agents
  • Ability to book all US Disney destinations including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, Adventures by Disney, National Geographic Expeditions and Disney’s Hawaiian resort Aulani. Tiki Room agents will also have access to booking all US Universal vacations as well.
  • Tiki Room agents can earn up to 90% commissions, based on experience (more below)
  • Online commission tracking and reporting
  • Access to discounted Disney rooms, tickets and cruises (based on experience)
  • Access to a private Tiki Room Travel Facebook group.
  • A personalized TikiRoomTravel.com email address as well as access to complete GSuite software.
  • Custom Tiki Room Travel business cards for agents Level 2 and higher (2,000 cards per year included for free, any additional cards can be ordered at our cost).

Tiki Room Travel wants you to be successful, so we will do all we can to train and support you in becoming an agent.

Tiki Room Travel Commissions and Fees

Tiki Room Travel offers several different levels for agents. We require a certain level of experience in order to advance to higher levels. You will always be allowed to upgrade to a higher level once you meet the requirements, no need to wait. If you wish, you will also be able to downgrade to a lower level at any time.

Please note: We DO NOT require a big upfront fee to start, nor do we have an annual fee. We charge a small monthly fee as outlined below as well as a small set-up fee to cover setting you up as an agent and provide Tiki Room training.

Level 1 – New to Travel

This is the beginner level, where all agents will start. Agents with experience at another Disney specialist can be placed at a higher level with proof of qualification.

Requirements: No requirements

Initial Fee$99
Monthly Cost$19

Level 2 – Some Experience

The second step is available once you have booked 1 trip (technically, once we have received the commission for your first trip).

Requirements: Book 1 trip

Initial Fee$99
Monthly Cost$29

Level 3 – Experienced Agents

Once you get rolling and have booked 20 vacations, this level becomes available to you.

Requirements: Book 20 vacations

Initial Fee$99
Monthly Cost$39

Level 4 – Super Agents

Do you have what it takes to be a super agent?

Requirements: Book 50 vacations

Initial Fee$99
Monthly Cost$50

Level 5 – Tiki Birds

The highest level, the ultimate achievement!

Requirements: Book 50 vacations and have 1 year of experience at Tiki Room Travel

Initial Fee$99
Monthly Cost$50

A few notes on about Tiki Room Travel:

  • Typically, the commission on Disney vacations is 10% of the net amount of the vacation, Disney does not pay commissions on taxes. If you book a $5,500 trip for a client, and $500 of the trip is taxes, Disney will pay Tiki Room Travel 10% of $5,000, so $500. If Tiki Room Travel receives a $500 commission for you, you will keep the percentage that is assigned to your level. If you are level 2, you would keep 60% of the $500, or $300. Obviously, the higher level you are, the higher percentage you keep.
  • The initial fee is only required once when you first sign up with Tiki Room Travel. When you move levels, you do not pay that fee again, there is no fee to change levels (other than the increase in monthly fee as listed above).
  • If you book a personal trip (a trip in which you are traveling), you will keep 100% of that commission rather than the percentage assigned to your level. Personal trips do not count towards advancing levels.
  • Commissions are typically paid to Tiki Room Travel 5 – 7 days after your client travels (Disney Cruise is an exception and is paid once your client is paid in full). Tiki Room Travel currently pays commissions monthly, so any commissions paid to us will be paid to you on the first business day of the next month.
  • In addition to the monthly fees listed above, you will be required to sign up for our online tracking system and pay them directly. They have 2 plans, one is $10 per month, and the second is $25 per month. You can sign up for either level and switch between them at any time. This will be covered during training.
  • There may be other fees incurred, but these are very rare and will be covered in the contract.
  • While Tiki Room Travel does receive quote requests via our website, you will be expected to find the majority of your clients via online or in-person marketing (this will be covered during training). Quote requests are optional to receive and will be limited to agents Level 2 and above.

Are you ready to become a Tiki Bird?

Please fill out the form below. We like to ask you a few questions before we proceed (and it is likely you will have questions for us too). Please include as much information as possible.

Please note: Tiki Room Travel is not hiring you for a job. There will be no salary, no benefits. If you decide to join Tiki Room Travel, you will only be paid commissions that are earned by selling Disney and Universal vacations. As noted above, commissions are typically paid out after your client travels, so it may be quite some time before you are paid commissions in this “job”.

We try to get back to your submissions as soon as we can, typically within a few minutes. We like to sleep too, so if you contact us at 2 AM, you are going to have to wait a bit, but we will get back to you.